ASAKE Biotechnology, LLC

Developing Novel Health Therapeutics Through Natural Resources 

ASAKE Biotechnology, LLC researches and develops novel health therapeutics utilizing natural resources. We specialize in biosynthetic technology and synthetic chemistry as well as emerging technologies including Proteolysis Targeting Chimeras (PROTAC). Our research centers on infectious diseases, diabetes, and cancer. 

NEWS: ASAKE Biotechnology, LLC, in collaboration with Ohio University (OHIO) researchers, has been awarded a $2M Phase II National Institute of Health (NIH) grant for their novel Dual Action Molecule for Treating Type I Diabetes project.

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ASAKE Biotechnology, LLC was founded in 2020 by three investigators from Edison Biotechnology Institute (EBI) at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. We collaborate with academic researchers in the US and globally in validating their technologies, managing them throughout the regulatory pathways, and developing them into marketable products. ASAKE Biotechnology is developing novel technologies in the identification and production of potential therapeutic metabolites from silenced genes in natural living organisms (plants and microbials) as well as in the construction of living medicines, including both supplements and prescription medicines. We also work with local partners in the Southeast Ohio region to research and manufacture natural products and therapeutics.

ASAKE Biotechnology is based at the Ohio University Innovation Center, an award-winning business incubator located in Athens, Ohio. We joined the program in 2021 and house our research and business operations at the facility.